If you will have over 10 tables at your wedding reception, it’s best to mix up your designs. The majority of couples envision a tall and low concept(s). Most weddings we design for actually have 3 centerpiece designs. Regardless of how many designs you choose, we’re always a sucker for the classic, single arrangement, low centerpiece concept. 

Avant Gardenia believes in large, full, and lush low centerpieces so they have a presence on the tables. It’s important that these arrangements don’t pale in comparison to the tall designs, or any other designs for that matter. Low centerpieces should still have a wow factor. It’s not often your guests will eat dinner so close to such an elegant arrangement packed full of premium blooms! The overhead photo below shows the scale of that low centerpiece

There are many types of containers for low centerpiece. The most popular over the last few years has been a compote bowl. A compote is a footed bowl; the “foot” or pedestal is functional because it rises the centerpiece so it’s higher than your stemware, and therefore stands out more. There is also the possibility of a simple pot or vase. Choose the containers based on the style you are trying to achieve. Compote bowls are elegant and regal, and the gold pot below, for example, is a very luxe, Hollywood regency style. 

We will embellish and enhance your classic and timeless low centerpieces with a mixture of decorative votive candles. This polishes and elevates the overall look. It feels much more thoughtful than just using the clear votives that the venue will provide. Avant Gardenia has about 20 different styles, sizes, and colors of votives to choose from. You are welcome to mix and match or keep it simple with just one style.

Don’t overthink your designs. Simplistic is good, especially if you have other centerpiece concepts with multiple components. This simple design will balance out the look. This is a timeless choice that you will always look back on and love.

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