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Behind the Scenes of Your Event Production

So you’ve booked with Avant Gardenia… we’ve met, connected, and come up with the perfect designs based on your vision. You feel comfortable and confident in leaving the décor in our hands so you may relax and enjoy the rest of planning. Now what??

Using photos from the week of a recent wedding production, we are able to show you a glimpse (the very abridged version) of all of the hard work and care that goes into making your day beautiful!

First, 3 weeks prior to your event, Jenna spends hours choosing and sourcing the highest quality flowers and foliage in all the perfect shades and textures. Have you ever wondered about the journey of your flowers prior to their spectacular display on the center of your tables? The countries from which your flowers arrive are quite diverse: Holland, Columbia, Ecuador, New Zealand, and Israel… just to name a few. And of course we do also source some product out of California. Hard good supplies are also ordered, and any other decor items handled by us are also finalized (lighting, draping, linens, chairs, etc.).

Finally, the week of your wedding!

• Four days prior to your event •

Our staff begins the mission of bringing your vision to life as soon as all the flowers arrive in many, many boxes. We sort through, double check quality, and immediately fresh cut and hydrate all of your stems.

• THREE days prior to your event •

We prepare the containers, supplies, and rental items needed to produce your designs. We gather and label all items that we’ll need to load and transport to the venue. Depending on the size of your event, this may be a colossal accumulation as you can see above! Our staff continues to tend to the flowers that are opening; we leave some, such as roses, out of the cooler because we want them to open as large as possible and be in their showiest, most picturesque state on the event day.

• The TWO days prior to your event •

We spend the two days before your wedding designing everything from your centerpieces to your personal flowers. We house all completed designs in our large cooler so everything remains nice and fresh. We also coordinate and review our event day timeline as well as communicate with your venue and/or wedding planner regarding our arrival and load-in.

• Your Event Day •

Our team is dedicated to our clients for the entire day and evening. We load our trucks and carefully transport all of the arrangements and décor items to your ceremony location and/or venue. Once there, we move all of it inside, which can take a while depending on the location and setup of the loading area. Next, we organize, unpack, and prep décor items and floral arrangements to be placed on the tables. As soon as linens are dropped, we begin placing floral and styling the tablescapes so they are ready for your photographer.


After hours of placing items and making sure everything is styled picture perfectly…we present the completed look! Our goal is for the room to look better than anything you ever imagined and a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients overcome with joy the first time they enter the room and see their vision come to life. This is why we love what we do!

• Post Event Breakdown •

When the clock strikes midnight and the last song is over, our breakdown team will swoop in and gather, pack up, and load out all decor items rented through us. For reference, imagine moving your apartment full of things twice in one day…

Creating Astonishing Beauty One Event at a Time

Now that you have a glimpse of an event from concept to completion, we hope you can see our careful and organized dedication to bringing your vision to life. When you hire Avant Gardenia, you can sit back, relax, and leave everything to us because you know you’re in good hands.